Friday, February 13, 2009

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

I can't believe that we are letting weapons get into the hands of our enemies. Oh wait. Yes I can. How could we possible be asked to fund a war against unarmed combatants.

At the Afghan army's central weapons depot in Kabul, the team found "guards sleeping on duty and missing from their posts." A subsequent audit by the US military found 47 pistols had been stolen from the depot.

Yeah good work A-Holes! Just let them take our weapons so that our troops can get smoked by the bullets that we made here in the USA. In my book this is an example of blatant disregard for our solders, tax payers and the Afghan troops that are helping get their country on track. Furthermore, as if the notion of your son or daughter getting killed by bullets made here in the States, shot from guns made by our allies and being negligently passed to the hands of our enemies by our Afghan allies(the same guys we are supposed to be helping) isn't bad enough, it is so fiscally irresponsible. What is it, cost plus small arms distribution? I mean really, this crap has been going on for how long? These are the kind of cockamamie actions that have to make us take a long look at what is really going on. Take a long look at ourselves.

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