Thursday, February 12, 2009

A-Rod busted

Well,here it is. Good Ole A-Rod coming clean. But once again with this creep, it's nothing special. Just a robot spewing data. At least he admits that he fucked up and apologizes. That's a start. The video is worth watching for the first couple of minutes. He fails to answer some questions about where he got the drugs, but he cant be expected to rat out his buddies. Anyway, I think that he showed pretty good character by coming clean. However it can't be looked over that he was using when secured the biggest contract in history and to the this day. In actuality the headline below says it all.


JBW said...

From what I read it seems that this guy really does want to help kids so I can understand that he wouldn't want his reputation sullied by this but I get the sense that he's only sorry about being caught and not about the steroid use.

Of course I think steroids should be legal.

Intrepid Californio said...

I really hadn't given it much thought as to whether or not they should be legal or not. But even if they were, I am not so sure that they should be permitted in pro sports. If you wanna roid up so you can bang more chicks, that's fine. But don't roid up and force others to consider doing damage to their bodies just so thay can can play the game. "Yeah I wanna play baseball, but I don't want to die of a brain tumor as a result of growth hormones. It is unfair that these less educated or misslead players that normally would not be selected to play, get picked and take the spot that I should be in."

Also, from this fan's point of view, I like to watch humans do human things.Things that I can relate for the most part. If I want to see super human entertainment, I'll pick a comic book or go to the movies. Or perhaps check out some WWF(I've never been fan). And that's cool. I'm down for the fantasy. Just not in my sports.

I have to be honest that with all the home runs that have been hit in the last 10 year since the McGuire Sosa era, I have become desensitized. It eventually became that for me, seeing a homer was nothing special. People were just hitting them at will. Bor-ring!

JBW said...

First, I'm not so sure that "roiding up" will help you bang more chicks. From what I hear it does detrimental damage to your junk.

Second, you can play the game without doing the roids, you just can't get the huge salaries and adulation if you don't. Supply and demand, ya? It's the invisible hand of capitalism: people pay money to see dingers. I mean, what else is there in baseball to attract an audience? The fast pace of the game? The cheerleaders? The fights?

Pro sports have become money-making enterprises much more than fair athletic competition and the players have responded to that. Go waste your time in the Olympics if that's your bag. Good luck getting rich and snagging a hot wife though.

Intrepid Californio said...

JBW. I agree that roids probably do more long term damage then most people realize. Even the guys who use them. But I think that being super buffed and rich definitely helps in the banging department.

As far as the "invisable hand of capitalisim" goes, I also agree that is how it works. But the jabs about what else about baseball is there to attract an audience besides the home runs kind of begs the question by assuming that all sports with with high attendence/view rating need to be fast paced, have fights and cheerleaders to attract an audience? Would golf be a better sport if a third of the players hit hole-in-ones several times during a match. And even a smaller pecetage of elite players hit hole-in-ones a third of the time. That would be rediculs. Where's the cahllange? Or is the cahllenge to see who can score the best performance enhancement drugs without getting popped?

Once again I concede. Pro sports and even armature sports(collage and Olympic) ARE money-making enterprises. And although I believe it is the right of the owners and all involved to make that money, I also think that it should be regulated in order insure fair practice. I don't think that I should feel pressure to damage my junk in order to think that I have a chance at perusing my passion.What's next? Gattaca?

So,although I tend to lean towards roids being legal in general, I think that Pro institutions should continue to ban them. That is to say that the playing filed should be leveled. I know. I am a dreamer.

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