Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Re Mixed

I am going to put this in my Ipod.

Shaq Attack

Shaq a deputy sheriff?No way! But it is true. Well until he started vomiting his horrible raps again. I guess it wasn't that he was raping, but what he was saying that got him the boot. I just can't believe that such a dip dong was trusted with a badge. What's he going to investigate? Himself?. If you ever heard Shaq rap, you know it's a crime.

“I was freestyling. That’s all. It was all done in fun. Nothing serious whatsoever,” O’Neal told ESPN.com Monday. A call to the Suns on Tuesday seeking comment from O’Neal was referred to his public relations firm, which didn’t immediately respond.

I guess the anti white boy comment got the sheriff's panties all bunched up, thus compelling him to demand Shaq's shield. Gee that sounds weird. But it's good to know that he's off the streets and that he and Kobe are still getting along.

I think Shaq has got a man crush on B.I.G.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Made in America

Recently, NBA all-star and Golden State Warrior Baron Davis popped into the Yelp.com headquarters in San Francisco where he was interviewed by Yelp staffers Jeremy S. and Nish N. The interview was posted on the Yelp Blog. They talked with Davis about his favorite places to dine like Umbria, which happens to be one of my top picks and the status of his beard. Also, they briefly touched on his involvement in the upcoming documentary "Made in America". To what extent Davis is involved in the documentary is unclear, but what snared my attention (besides Umbria and beards) was that this documentary is directed by Stacy Peralta.

For those of you that don’t know, Peralta is an x- pro skateboarder turned director and is one of my favorite in the field. He has created stellar works including, " Riding Giants" an epic surf film and, "Dog Town and Z Boys" which is truly one of the best Documentaries I’ve ever seen. To me, what is so captivating about Peralta’s work is that he is able to bring the viewer to the place where it all went down, and make one feel like he or she was part of it all. Like you lived it. His ability to sew together photos, film segments and sound bites along with interviews creates a fluid and surreal depiction of the culture that is profiled. You can feel the excitement of change and innovation charging through your veins and buzzing in your head. You feel like it was you out there on a hot summer day in SO Cal ready to tear it up in the ocean or on the pavement.

Hot summer days in South Los Angeles are surly depicted in a different, more concerning light as Peralta attempts to highlight the half-century conflict between the Bloods and Crips in his new film. Personally, I am ready to delve into a ride chauffeured by Peralta that this time explores the depths of Gangsta culture and yet another aspect of Southern California life. Based on what I have seen in his previous choices and works, I am eager to see "Made In America". I truly believe that the gang culture in America is fascinating, and I think this documentary will not only prove cogent, but will help people understand West Coast America, history, race, drug and gun culture, and perhaps ways to improve our future.

I can’t wait to check it out!

Hat tip to Yelpers Jeremy S. and Nish N.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Main Line

Well, here we go again with the whole war on drug thing. Except this time prevention and treatment is at the forefront. Injection sites lead the way in British Colombia after a judge ruled to let Insite-the first legal injection site in North America- continue its work. Of course the same contrary argument still exists. How can we combat the detriments of drug use and culture by helping people use them?

"Our lawyers never disputed any of the government's evidence during the court proceedings. We accepted that narcotics are both dangerous and illegal. What we argued, though, was that because of those facts, Insite is a crucial access point to health care and treatment. And the judge agreed."

So maybe the rest of North America can pay close attention to these actions that are taking place in a rumble and tumble area of Vancouver, BC and work towards similar projects continent wide. And perhaps we can make a positive change in the cultures were violence and disease prevail by providing safe and clean havens for already addicted people to use. With these changes perhaps we can divert the bulk of our financial resources to what should be more pressing issues like education and natural resource conservation, rather than fighting narco traffickers on the border and in the Caribbean. I know there are obviously other angles to this subject. These will be tackled in the future.

Shift Happens

Here is some interesting and perhaps scary info for you. Most of us probably have larger vocabularies than Shakespear. Go figure!


Friday, June 13, 2008

This is my cherry popping post. Ouch! Stay tuned for something to sink you teeth into.