Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who are You?

In this day and age people are careful with the words that the use to describe someone in fear that they may be labeled as a bigot or a raciest. That makes sense. I mean who wants to be recognized solely by the color of their skin and the accent they have. This has become most apparent in the media. With fears of public outcry or lawsuits they choose their words a bit of apprehension. That's fine. But to a certain extent. When listening to the radio and I hear of a crime that has been perpetrated and they say, "police are looking for a six foot chubby man" I end up a bit perplexed. OK so is the man White, Mexican, Asian, or Black? In an article posted in the Contra Costa Times, they fail to give any sort of information that could help you avoid this person or inform the police.

The robber was last seen on the north side of the Pleasant Hill BART station. He was described as an unshaven man weighing about 200 pounds and wearing dark clothes.

Anyone with information can contact Walnut Creek police at 925-943-5844.

I am surprised they even described the person as a man. Isn't that gender labeling? Could the description be any more vague?Guess what? That is me. A man weighing about 200 pounds and unshaven. And I do own dark clothes. Good work! I am sure we'll find him now. Just in case anyone needs to know I was at home with my wife.


Jeremy said...

That is quite funny how much of a corner our being P.C. has painted us in. Pretty soon they will be saying "in search of a human."

But PK.... clean shaven? YOU? Maybe for an hour in the morning.

JBW said...

And that description was "at least 200 pounds", right?

Intredpid Californio said...


You see how ambiguous it all is?

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