Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have often been intrigued by ancient cultures, their beliefs and origins. The mysteries as to how the ancient Egyptian pyramids were built or why the Nazca Lines were created are examples of events that have captivated me for most of my life. Now perhaps one of the more relative of these mysterious events is concerned with the Mayan civilization and their calenders. It seems that their calender is just about to finish a 5000 year cycle and there are many speculations to what will happen. The most sensational is that it will be the end of life as we know it. Or in other cases, some see it as simply a new beginning. Whatever your view, it will most likely be discussed in length in San Francisco this upcoming weekend. The 2012 Conference kicks off on Saturday at the Fort Mason Center. Although I don't believe that the Mayans were able to predict the future, it would be cool to learn about what they were thinking and believed concerning the cycle of life, the earth and the universe.

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JBW said...

I'm going to stock up on end of the world bunker supplies now and then make a mint hawking them 4 years from now; I'm a genius!