Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Old Vote

In this day and age of political tumult it is good to know that even the very old are voting. KCBS reporter George Harris reports that Andrew Hatch celebrated his one hundred and tenth birthday in the big bad O on Monday.

Secret of California's Oldest Man: Wake Up Every Day

OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS) -- Andrew Hatch was a bit surprised by all the media attention surrounding his birthday party in Oakland Monday. All the Louisiana native did was turn 110, and he had no great secrets to explain his longevity.

Born on Oct. 7, 1898 in Louisiana, Mr. Hatch moved to Oakland in 1933 after living for a time in Houston, Texas. When KCBS reporter George Harris asked him the inevitable, all Mr. Hatch could say, “That’s a stupid question.”

But anyone who’s spent time around him at the San Pablo Senior Residence knows they can expect to laugh. A lot. And Mr. Hatch did eventually concede that living a long life boiled down to a simple fact, he was able to get up everyday.

With the assistance of a power chair, he still shops for himself, does his own laundry and votes in every election.

I would love to spend some time talking to that guy. I mean really. He has seen it all. Technologies that we take for granted came to fruition in his lifetime. The phone, the T.V., the radio, the car and nuclear power just to name a few. You name it. He was alive before most of this countries natural landscapes were for the most part untainted. Also, I am not sure but I believe this man sounded African American based on the interview that I heard on the radio. Which could mean that his grandparents might have been slaves or might have know people that were slaves. Purely speculation on my part, but I maintain that it would be fascinating to talk a few rounds with this guy. All the history within books cannot measure up to first hand experience. When it comes to making decisions, Andrew may have some wise advise. Happy Birthday Andrew Hatch


JBW said...

If you rap with him, ask how he made it through the last depression; we may need the pointers soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello well he's my grandfather and to answer the speculation yes he is African-American and half Irish. His parents were not slaves and yes he was here before the landscape that you see aroung you now. It's funny how great is memory is. He still knows his ways around giving me directions, and he refers to old hunting grounds where thriving cities are now. As far as the depression he believes that Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest Presidents to ever serve and believes that we will make it through this recession now with our new great President Barack Obama.