Friday, February 20, 2009

Worl Cup '10-All The World is a Stage

I remember growing up watching the news about apartheid in South Africa. I remember the international call and movement for an end to the apartheid. I remember it all coming to an end and this man, Nelson Mandela being released after a nearly 30 year stint as a political prisoner. The world celebrated. We'll most of it did. Obviously some people were upset that they had to give up their reign.

That was about twenty years ago, and South Africa has come a long way. They've got to the point that the are going to host a global event. This is big news. I remember ten, fifteen years ago reports that had South Africa and Colombia vying for number one in murderous crime.

So the Would Cup is coming to town. And tickets are on sale. They range from about $20 to $900. The lower end prices being reserved for residents. And although South Africa still has a high crime rate, the government garantees 100% safty for guests.

"So, if I have 100% information on your movement, I can give you the guarantee that you will be 100% safe."

Although I am not the hugest football fan, I do enjoy world cup competition. I never thought that I could get hung up on the play by play scenarios of a game, but I did. Seriously, I am into it. Am I going to watch every game all the way though? Probably not. But I will definitely be down to watch marquee matches involving a handful of key teams. The US team first of course.

As far as the Cup being in South Africa goes, I would love to go for the experience. But in reality. In bitter reality, there is no way I could afford such a trip. And even if I could, I am not sure that I would. I've gotten to the point that I am turned off by the huge crowds. That isn't to say that if someone handed me plane tickets for those dates, that I wouldn't seize the opportunity. But I am not going to hold my breath, or spend a small fortune to make it happen. I'll watch the games at my local pub or take a drive into the Foggy City depending on who is in it towards the end. Either way I am excited for the event and for South Africa.


JBW said...

I remember as a kid all of the photographs of Mandela in the newspapers were of a big, mean looking black dude so when we finally saw him after his release I was surprised to see this little old man walking out of the prison. That's when the actual length of time he had been locked up really became apparent to me; it was a bit shocking to my sixteen year old mind.

Intrepid Californio said...

I was shocked to see the little old man come out too.